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To read reviews, search for the program that interests you. Then scroll down on the program's results page to read any reviews that have been posted.



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Search programs by customized fields such as institution, state, degree program, specialty area, level of degree, delivery mode, certification, and more.



Choosing What's Best

Find a credential or degree program that is the best fit for you. To help you make an informed decision, we have focused on affordability, accessibility, and quality.



COABE in partnership with American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, the American Institutes for Research, the Coalition of Lifelong Learning Organizations, the National Adult Educational Professional Development Consortium, and TESOL International Association, bring you the Adult Education Degree and Credentialing Programs Portal.

The Adult Education Degree and Credentialing Programs Portal initiative is made possible through generous funding from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

Read & Write Reviews

To read reviews, search for the program that interests you.

Search Programs

Find a credential or degree program that is the best fit for you.

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Questions and considerations when choosing a higher education program.

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The Portal connects you with higher education degree programs in adult education that best meet your professional learning needs. Applicants and graduates can find program information from across the country, write reviews, and rate what they like best about each program. Degree program coordinators can add and update information about their program offerings, feature their programs, and participate as guest discussants on topics of interest to adult education practitioners.


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We connect you with higher education degree programs

  • I had a great experience, as an undergraduate student, at Pennsylvania State University. The content was comprehensive, and it inspired me to pursue a career as an adult educator.

    Chris Jensen, Student

  • Choosing to attend Regent University was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Not only did I make life-long friends, enjoy a quality education, and meet inspiring individuals in extracurricular activities, but I also found myself at Penn State.

    Joanne McNally, Graduate

  • Western Kentucky University offers a competitive and diverse array of degree opportunities. If you want to earn a degree that is highly revered among employers and valuable in your job search, Western Kentucky University is a great choice.

    Mark Wallace, Graduate

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Getting Started

You have made a decision to investigate whether earning a higher education degree in adult education is for you. Terrific! So what kinds of questions should you be asking yourself?

  • Why am I going back to school?
  • How long will the certificate program take?

Start with Colleges

How do you figure out which colleges to apply to? You can search for programs by state and institution. See the online interactive map and Search Programs page here.

Is it for your own fulfillment? Are you required to earn a higher education degree or certificate in adult education in order to teach or advance in the field? Whether you need certification to teach in adult education or a higher education degree to expand your career path depends upon the state in which you practice. Only a few states have established higher education requirements for teaching adult education. Even fewer require degrees specifically in adult education.
If timing is a priority for you, then you can search for programs in the Portal by the minimum and average time it takes to complete them. The Portal also includes the number of credits required to complete each certificate and degree.  Also inquire with the degree program coordinator and program graduates about how much time it actually takes to complete. Sometimes it may take longer than estimated simply because the electives you want, for example, are only offered every other year. Last, check to see what the time limit is to complete the degree. In other words, when do your credits start expiring?.
Most higher education institutions that receive federal student assistance through the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, Title IV, are required to disclose to prospective students “gainful employment” information, including: • tuition and fees the institution charges for a student completing the program within normal time • typical costs for books and supplies (if not included in the tuition fee) • cost of room and board, if applicable • on-time graduation rate for students completing the program • number of graduates employed • the average salary graduates make • other related information When you search for a higher education program in the Portal, the program’s search results page provides the URL to the program’s website. Visit the website and you should be able to locate gainful employment information as well as a net price calculator. If you cannot locate the information, then contact the program degree coordinator and ask if he or she will provide it.


Every school we provide information on is fully accredited, which means it meets academic standards set by the Department of Education. Use the Portal to research available degree levels, school options, accreditation, certification requirements, and more.






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